"Shared with me" files include outlook attatchments

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Just a question. I have noticed recently that using the "shared with me" option in Excel (or in any other office application) it shows a lot of files that are not really been shared with me. I can find all the attatchments of my emails sent by other people to me (even from outside my domain, even from Gmail addresses for example) as they were really shared with me as we can do by using OneDrive. So, can some body please tell me if this is the intented functionality?, Has it been this way since Microsoft released this feature?.


Attatched you can see an image of the feature and the list of example files I can see (sorry the screenshot is in spanish).


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This is absolutely intended functionality

OK. What I thought. Thank you @Juan Carlos González Martín for your help.



Hi again, @Juan Carlos González Martín. By the way, has this functionality always been this way?. I mean, some users are telling me that this has been a recent change, and they used to see just the really shared files, not the attachments. Since I don't use it this way, I don't know if that is true or not.


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