"Page 1" Watermark is too dark - it hides my data.

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I'm a very, very poorly educated Excel user - I use it in a very, very basic way - but I have a particular problem that I cannot find help solving.


As I'm working in an Excel document, the "Page 1" (or Page 2, etc.) watermark that automatically appears with a new document is so dark (or obscure in transparency) that I cannot easily read my data.  It causes me some eye strain - which may be particular to me and my eye condition.


There HAS to be a way to change this setting, but many google searches and many help searches have turned up nothing I can understand. 


Can I remove it?

Can I increase it's transparency?


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Hi @johnnyjoe1083 


It looks like you might be in Page Break View. 


On the ribbon at the top, click on View and then click on either "normal" or "Page Layout" views





The buttons down the bottom right also switch to the same views as well.





Let me know if this helps with your problem.





It solves the view problem, but not the essential problem.


I prefer to view the documents I make in the way that I will print them - which I think for Excel users is the exception and not the rule.


I have one document that - for some reason - had over 100,000 lines, and I'm using 150.....

Thank you for the response.  I'm still an Excel newbie.