Questions - Outlook 2016 and Exchange Online Repeated Credential Prompt

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I am deploying Office 365 on Windows 10 desktop (Citrix VDIs). I launch Outlook and it prompts me to sign on to Office 365. I have few questions I would like to clarify.


1. We have not moved to the cloud Office 365 yet. So, if I sign on to the Office 365 will this allow me to use our exchange server which is ON PREM? 

2. I get prompted with Outlook with my local AD credentials. I tried to enter my local AD credentials and it keeps coming back and prompts. Then I click on cancel it goes away and it launches Outlook and populates my email from my work account. How do I stop this prompting?

3. I saw that many people are saying use the registry key settings for AutoDiscover and sent the value to 1. I am going to try to set this and see that it fixes the issue.

DWORD: ExcludeExplicitO365Endpoint
Value = 1

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