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I have a question about shared mailboxes in a full hybrid environment consisting of an exchnage 2016 cu18.
When I am on premises I convert a mailbox to a shared mailbox the user is disabled.
Now I have migrated a mailbox on the online exchange and subsequently converted into a shared mailbox.
I noticed that the on premise user has not been disabled.
My questions are:
I guess the user has not been disabled in AD as AAD connect sync goes from AD to O365. Correct?
Can I disable the user?
I guess this user can't be deleted ,correct?
It is better to convert the mailbox on to shared on premises first and then move them?
Or is it better to move them to online exchanges and then convert them to shared?
What is the best procedure?


Thank you



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It's best to convert to shared, then move. You can disable the on-prem object, but do not delete the user.

@Vasil Michev 

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