[Question]: Creating a application and connect to AWS Cognito

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Dear community,


currently I have big troubles with creating a microsoft app, that customers can use in their office365.
The app should be installable by every office365 account! Not just from me. 
Currently I created my app via the application portal: https://apps.dev.microsoft.com. (Is that right?)
Behind this App is a React Application.

The next steps should be that I connect this app to my Amazon AWS Cognito. Office365 users who had installed this application from the Office Store, should be able to sign in/up to this application.
Single Sign On 

But there isn't any setting on the settings page (https://apps.dev.microsoft.com/#/application/{theId}) to do this.
Some days ago, I tried this tutorial: https://www.nordcloud.com/tech-blog/setting-up-azure-ad-federation-with-aws-cognito
But after that, when I try to login, I get an error, that my user is not connected to a role with that app.
That rights, but I don't want to connect my user to a role for that application, because EVERY user should able to use this app, without any configuration before.

Hopefully anyone can help me. We are gold partners. Maybe there is an contact person exactly for that problem or a good documentation.