Question about OD4B retention

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I had one question on OneDrive Retention for some time. We have set 10 year retention period on the tenant settings.

In our organization user AD account is deleted after they leave (30 days). The same user can join back lets say after 1 year or another user can join with same username (


How OneDrive will resolve the name for new account? Will it use the existing retained OneDrive or will provision new OneDrive? OD4B is using format<username>_contoso_com/ for OneDrive URLs.

If you have any information or thought about it, that will be great.



Rahul Babar



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If the userGUID of the account no longer matches exactly in AD, a new one will be generated with the same URL plus a 1 at the end of the username.

Thanks Chris for the response. This answers my question.