Purchase Windows 10 Home to Pro upgrade through 365 account

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I have a new laptop for a member of staff but in haste, it has Windows 10 Home installed. When I use the upgrade link in the Windows settings panel, I am required to logon to Microsoft Store to pay for the Windows upgrade on the device in question.


My issue - and one that appears widely acknowledged - is that none of my 365 accounts are accepted as Microsoft accounts and therefore cannot access the MS Store to purchase the upgrade. Try as I might, I cannot find an alternate method to purchase this upgrade and I do not fancy purchasing an upgrade through some obscure personal MS account.

So is it possible to complete purchases on the MS Store using either the 365 Admin account or a delegated user account on 365? Otherwise, is anyone aware of a method to purchase the W10 upgrade using at least an email address of one of my 365 accounts?

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