PST Import SAS URL Error

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Hello question for you folks. My organization is in the middle of a project to migrate to O365. We have part of the government cloud and have a G3 and G1 licenses. As part of this project, I am trying to move user PSTs from local storage up to O365 using the PST import tool. I have follow the pre-reqs here:


However when I get into the wizard, the SAS URL gets stuck on "Retrieving SAS Key" until it ultimately fails on an "The remote server returned an error: (500) Internal Server Error." Diagnostic info is below, but it means nothing to me.


Diagnostic information: {Version:17.00.6161.009,Environment:CUSPROD,DeploymentId:a568ef312f1347029b029ea877b1fcf5,InstanceId:WebRole_IN_1,SID:c96cb581-aac0-4ed9-bf77-f2f016f08f51,CID:5389db6b-96ec-4952-914e-fd0be5d6bfd7}
Time: 2021-03-01T16:22:07.5949412Z


I am not sure exactly what I am doing wrong. Has anyone else under a government plan experienced this error or this particular problem?

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The government clouds have a different set of features available compared to the "multi-tenant" flavor of O365/Azure, so best open a support case to confirm whether this is even possible.

@Vasil MichevAlright will do. I was thinking it might have to do with tenant setup as I haven't had that issue before. Our O365 support partner didn't know immediately and it looks like I have to go through them within the O365 portal for support at least the way it is setup now. So I thought I would ask the community first.