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I've noticed when using the PST import via Azure it imports mail just fine but no calendar and contacts came over. Thought that was strange as it's in the PST file. It's easy enough to export it and import through Outlook but just thought that was strange.

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Hi @Paul Storic


If you're talking about using the AzCopy method in the data migration part of the 365 Admin portal, then it should bring calendar and contact info - I did this earlier this week successfully.


One that that nearly caught me out was that I was migrating a old public folder calendar to a new shared mailbox; the calendar data wasn't in the calendar folder in but hiding away in a IPM subfolder that I had to drill down to and move to the top-level calendar. 

@HidMov You're right. I see calendar items came across but perhaps the couple of users I looked at had no contacts for some reason. What about autocomplete (Stream_Autocomplete file)entries within the new message window? does that carry over?

I know how to manually transfer them but if I don't need to it's one less thing I need to worry about.

Hi @Paul Storic 


Good question - my understanding is that from Outlook 2010 onwards Autocomplete is stored within the mailbox itself - only 2007 and earlier use the NTK2 for auto complete.


Importing a PST should bring the autocomplete entries along with it, but I've not tested this out myself; I'll probably give this a go at the weekend for my own curiosity. Will let you know what I find.

@HidMov I'll let you know tonight as we're doing our final cutover. 

Thanks @Paul Storic much appreciated. 

Looks like on Windows 7 computers, it has to be done manually but on Windows 10 machines the autocomplete data was there.

Thanks for confirming @Paul Storic - good to know that for Win 10 at least there is less of a headache.



Hello @Paul Storic ,

There are chances of getting error while importing the PST file using Azure. You can perform migration again without a VPN or try third-party software like the SysTools Import PST tool. I have used this software and data is imported without any problem. Both the method worked for me but I am comfortable with an automated tool. Chances of Error using this are negligible. I recommend you to first try free demo version.

Here you can get it:


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Provided the PST itself doesn't have bad items, I've never encounter errors using the built in tools