Proposal for a software to train and enable essay writing

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Background: Language is created for communication, which is mostly conducted either orally or in writing. Although essay writing has formed a fundamental part of education, the way that schools and universities have been teaching about essay writing is far from ideal. This is evidenced not only by the fact that among thousands and millions of language graduates from various universities worldwide each year, few become truly successful and high impact writers and authors, but also by the reality that many graduates of other disciplines find it difficult to efficiently and convincingly report their work and research in writing.


In the age of artificial intelligence, essay writing should be part of a routine that helps generate high quality essays and reports with minimal fusses. The essay writing software proposed here will train users on how to write essays and reports, and enable them to express their thoughts and ideas in a highly efficient manner, just like computer that has eliminated tedious tasks of manual calculation from our daily life. Ultimately, this essay writing software will revolutionize language education in schools and universities throughout the world.


Approach: The proposed essay writing software builds on several key writing rules I have worked out over many years of writing. In essence, this software simulates the way a good essay writer approaches, and directs users’ thoughts to where it should be and allows users to apply words and phrases they know well and also words and phrases they probably know but are unable to think of when needed most. As a consequence, users of this software will gain insights on how effective essay writing is done and be confident to write good essay even without the software (similar to doing calculation with pen), or continue to use the software for efficiency and convenience (similar to doing calculation with computer). I envisage that the proposed essay writing software will have different editions that specifically cater for primary/ secondary students, undergraduates and postgraduates (for whom effective scientific writing is a necessity). Initially, the proposed software will focus on English essay writing, and later expand to other languages. 


Proposal. I am writing to see if any people with relevant software development skills are interested in transforming the ideas into a prototype essay writing software, which will one day become a vital part of artificial intelligence development.

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