Profile picture of business account for office pops up at log in of personal computer?

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I helped a college exploring a bit of the office 365 world we have on work here.

However today she came by and she came across a problem:

she filled her account of Microsoft planner and added a profile picture.

A day later she claims that the profile picture she filled in there now popped up at her personal desktop at home. The weird thing is that she claims that the desktop is not connected in any way to her 365 business licence of office.


Could anyone tell me were the profile picture of the windows 10 log in can be extracted from? (personally i though you had to manually upload it but it seems windows 10 is getting that picture from somewhere)


Its a family used desktop so its not that convenient for her to have her own picture there.

That is why i would like to figure out were it comes from so i can delete it.


Many thanks for your suggestions.

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It has to be connected in some way. Have them go to settings > accounts > work or school account and see if an account is reigistered there. The device is either azure ad joined or registered which is Probabaly pulling over the photo into windows.
Thanks Chris, I assume you mean settings > accounts > work in the windows 10 environment of her personal desktop at home, right?
You can just click start and type in "work" and you'll see the manage work account item. This is where I bet the device is registered.
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Also, don't have them remove this if it is there, it's most likely there because they connected Office / outlook to the account which registers it. But if it is there, this is most likely where the photo is coming from. If they do remove it, keep in mind it will cut access off to the company resources via client.