Problems with embedding online Excel file from OneDrive for Business

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We have the option under Sharing to share via embedding for an Excel file. This works perfectly but requires that the user is logged in. We have tried virtually every variation of permissions and we still cannot get it to allow anonymous access. The document displays correctly and even works as expected as long as the user is logged in.


Any thoughts? 


All of the links that we can find seem to have slightly different URLs then we get either via sharing or the embed dialog.

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I had this trouble and found the instructions on this page really useful:


Embed your Excel workbook


Hope that helps. The key thing was about sharing with Everyone. 




Thank you. I did see that article and unfortunately, it didn't make a difference. Thanks again for sharing.

@Glenn Welker - did you ever figure out a way to embed for public consumption?

@LiasGallardo  Unfortunately no. We moved on to a different method of presenting our data so I dropped looking for a solution. At the time I felt like I had depleted my options.