Problems with custom tiles in IE and Edge

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I've made some custom tiles for the app-launcher. In Chrome there is no problem all the tiles are visible and I can pin them to the app-launcher.


In IE and Edge I have problems to showing those tiles. In incognito mode in both browsers there is no problem.
I already  cleared the cache. Is there a generic problem. It worked until a week ago.

Browser IE in normal modeBrowser IE in normal modeBrowser IE in Incognito modeBrowser IE in Incognito mode

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Did you do a "clean" login or clear cookies as well? If it's working fine in Incognito, it's just a matter of time to have them visible in existing sessions.

Hello Vasil,


What do you mean with a clean login? Remove the account from the login screen?

But this problem is for a lot of users with IE and Edge.


So I will look further for an answer.