Problems when using Office 365 through multiple partners

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The Laurier university uses a Sharepoint portal via When trying to sign in, users are redirected to and afterwards everything works.


We have, however, another, completely unrelated, Office 365 account that is re-sold through GoDaddy. If we sign into it, all hell breaks loose, including:


- Getting to Office-365 branded GoDaddy webmail signin page when trying to sign into Laurier email

- Not being able to pick account (whatever you sign into first, you're stuck with it)

- Getting "Hmm... we're having trouble signing you out" when trying to sign out


Is this a known issue? Are there any good workarounds that do not involve using incognito windows or multiple browsers?

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Using an Office 365 tenant purchased from GoDaddy is riddled with weird things like this. My best advice is to migrate to a new tenant purchased from Microsoft (or someone other than GoDaady).

I’m not aware of any fixes or even if these are considered bugs. It’s just the cost of purchasing Office 365 from GoDaady unfortunately.