Problems printing from Word to HP Officejet printers

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I have a problem when trying to print to either of my networked HP Inkjet printers (My HP laser prints Ok). The problem only occurs in Word, all other office apps print without issue. When print is selected I get an error stating a prblem with the printer set up. If I run word as an administrator the printer works correctly. The problem occurs on ALL PC's with office 365 installed.


I spent 3 sessions on remote assistance with Microsoft Support during which we re-installed the relevant printer drivers serval times, unistalled office (inc removing all traces of office on my PC) and re-installed Office however the problem remains.


for my own PC we created a tray icon set to run as administrator as a work around (for now). however this is not practical for users without admin accounts as it will require my login every time they want to print!


Any suggestions as to what the problem is would be appreciated.


Note this has only occurred recently, previously I had no issues with printing.


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