Problem with Word 365 summary

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I have a problem with Word 365: it seems that the customized summary doesn't work as wanted. Maybe that I am missing something, but I don't understand what. 

Details in the file attached

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Hi George,


So I think you are looking at Table of Contents from references - I couldn't find the specific dialogue based on your language settings but here's a quick tip for limiting levels included.


I created following which is similar to your scenario


TOC Issue.png


I then clicked on the table of contents area and pressed ALT-F9


You should now see this

TOC Issue ALT-F9.png


Edit the numeric range to levels you want e.g. 1-2 then click Update Table - Update entire


TOC Issue - Update.png


Press ALT-F9 again and for me that resulted in

TOC Issue - Final.png

I hope I am in the right area,