problem with microsoft forms to share with team to take test

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We are teachers who are conducting online classes and exams on TEAMS for this year.


We have designed a form(school test) individually in our Microsoft teams form. I have shared the link with everyone so that they can take the test and I can monitor the result. The people who designed the form is the only person who is receiving the responses or results after submitting from students.


I want a set of papers to be sent to another teacher(s) who should receive individual responses for their section students. Can anyone help me how to segregate the responses and send them to their respective students. Can this be done. If there is an option to send the response to teachers or members of team based on sections in the class.


Please help me

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Hey @acmedeepak ,


Sorry didn't completely understand your use case, Assuming you have office 365 subscription, a few questions here in regards to the approach you are taking, you mentioned only the person who created the form is able to see the responses, I think you are creating a personal Form and not a group form. You can also create form from within a team channel :



Any responses marked to the form now will be visible to all the team members and not just the creator. I don't know how much it would meet your requirements but you can create a Team with all the teachers as members, you can possibly create different channels as well based on different classes and any group form that you create from within any channel will be accessible to all the teachers.