Problem with iCloud calendar sync


I'm trying to sync my iCloud calendar to Outlook on Mac as described in this support document:


I am using my work Office 365. The sync would work the first time it is set up. After that, the sync does not work anymore. The problem is not just with Outlook on Mac, but also in the web version of Outlook.


For my personal account, the sync works fine -- just like described in the support document.


Has anybody experienced this problem?

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@Andre Siregar Also having exactly the same issue with icloud calendar sync with Outlook 365 for mac. Has only just started as it was working well previously. Did you find a fix?

@PCherry I didn't find a fix. I just looked at my calendar again just now and can confirm that it's still not working. I actually chatted with Microsoft support and they told me they couldn't reproduce my problem. After that, I gave up.