Problem when migrating on-premises Exchange to Office 365



Trust you doing great, I face a problem when migrating on-premises exchange server 2013 to Office 365, domain we are using is

when I create the hybrid and start to migrate users I made on Office 365 a user "", 

This user supposed to be migrated on office 365 as the same "", but migrated with new name "" like photo attached as.png

kindly advice how to make this user back from "" to "".



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Is the domain added and verified in office365?
Have you added as their UPN name in ad?

Hi @Amr Khattab,


You will need to change the UPN of the user on your on-premises AD, after that force synchronization in AD Connect.

Dear Mr. Adam,
Thanks for your reply, could you please explain to me in details how to make it

Dear Nuno,

Thanks for your reply, I wish you could explain in details how to make it, if it is possible,

please note that the user before migration was "",

Hi @Amr Khattab,


Please follow the link that @adam deltinger shared to confirm that you have you UPN correct, than you need to confirm that the domain is already confirmed on Office 365. Also you need to confirm that your Hybrid Configuration Wizard has the federation with that domain. 

Dear Adam , Nuno,


Thanks for your support, I will check and get back to you shortly with updates.


Thanks again for your kind and swift response.





This not a solution for my issue, I need to delete user in cloud that sync from my active directory.

How come now?

In order to do that just move that user to a ou that’s not synced