Problem accessing shared Outlook 365 folder



We are having trouble sharing an Outlook folder.

A member of staff is using the Microsoft Outlook 365 desktop app and is trying to share a folder that is a sub-folder of his Inbox folder.

He has shared the sub-folder and given another member of staff 'Owner' permissions. The other member of staff uses Outlook on the Web and while a node has been created beneath her folder hierarchy with the name of the person who shared his folder she sees an error message when trying to access it:


Can't complete your request
You might not have permission to perform this action


I asked the sharer to make sure that the host folder (Inbox) was marked as visible but the other member of staff still sees the same error message.

I asked the sharer to go through this article which they have done but the same error is still displayed.


I'm sure there is a basic step we have missed here - can anyone help us with this, please?


Thank you.


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You should grant "Folder Visible" permissions on every folder in the path, including the Root one (Top of Information store/the one with the user's address in it).

Hi, Thank you for responding to my query.
We have tried that and are seeing a little progress.
What happens now is the when the node named after the person who has shared the folder is clicked it expands and 'New folder' is shown beneath it. This is very strange as I would expect the name assigned by the sharer to be shown.
When 'New folder' is clicked the user who has been assigned access to the folder is prompted to name it. A name is typed and the original error message quoted above is displayed 'Can't complete your request.'

That seems odd, if you can reliably reproduce it best open a support case.