Print Envelop in a simple way randomly fails

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Print Envelop in a simple way randomly fails

Printing envelopes has proven given me random failures.
Following the help, and community directions have not been successful.

I have a word list of names/addresses (haven't made a qualified list yet)

First I open this list, copy (Ctrl=C) and then close the file.  Open word again and Click on Mailings, then start Mail Merge > Envelopes. Set size, and paper source.  (I have already set return address in Options).  Normally in the past, the sent screen would be the Delivery screen for the addressee - the way it has always work. But, after the  last update on my Office 365 (Word version 1902 build 11328.20222)  all I get the return address and I cannot get out of this.    Occasionally the correct Addressee screen appears, but not very often.   How i can fix this?   Thanks, HowardJ 

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