Prevent members from starting a meeting within larger Teams Channel

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Hello! Currently, there are no options to prevent group members from starting a random/rogue Teams Meeting within our larger Teams (around 2,000 people). Can we get a feature that allows you to prevent all members except owners or select individuals from starting Teams Meetings within the group? 

It's creating a nuisance with some members not fully understanding the platform and starting random meetings that ping the entire group, with us having to send out formal "disciplinary"-type emails on the back end. This is not a great user experience for all. 

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@Andrea_Medina Hi, you can use this meeting policy.


Determines whether a user can schedule channel meetings. Set this to TRUE to allow a user to schedule channel meetings. Set this to FALSE to prohibit the user from scheduling channel meetings. Note this only restricts from scheduling and not from joining a meeting scheduled by another user.


Set-CsTeamsMeetingPolicy (SkypeForBusiness) | Microsoft Docs


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