PowerPoint Uses Wrong Language

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My father has a PowerPoint deck that was initially created by a colleague using a French-language installation of PowerPoint. As a result, many of the slides are spell-checking in French (PPT01).


When I go to Review > Language, "Set Proofing Language" is grayed out unless I have text selected (PPT02). If I have text selected, I can fix the problem, but there are many slides, and I'm looking for a solution that will fix the entire deck at once.


PPT03 shows the Office Language Preferences ... this appears to be set correctly.


My father claims that he frequently experiences the same problem in Word documents. Also, he mailed me the PowerPoint deck, and the same problem manifests on my computer.


Does anyone know how to address this problem?











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Hello, @Djinn252, the first question from me is - what version of Powerpoint do you use? As there are several ways to troubleshoot your issue.


To change the language of all the Powerpoint - choose the View tab and the Outline view after it.


Now use the combination of Ctrl+A, which will select all. In 'Tools > Language' you can select the needed language.


This is a good time (as you have selected all) to configure fonts, colors, and other design options.


If you need the same tutorial for PowerPoint 2013 - check this article.


I also recommend researching more documentation about Microsoft 365 data backup to make sure you can always recover after any system issues.