PowerPoint copy a slide to another presentation, keeping destination theme

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I am trying to copy slides from one presentation to another, and want the slides that I'm pasting in to take the characteristics of the destination presentation - particularly picking up the footer, fonts.

I've done this by copying the slide from the L/H navigation pane, navigating to the source presentation and pasting "Use destination theme" but the Footer is not picked-up on the pasted slides - the other objects are (boxes etc).

I've changed themes, tried all sorts but cannot get this to work.


Two example presentations are attached ("Source" and "Destination") , if anyone can advise me how to get this to work I'd really appreciate it.

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Can you check if the footer is on Master Slide in destination pptx ?

If don't, it could be because of that. 


In this link: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Edit-headers-and-footers-on-the-slide-master-ba06c803-a39b-...


You can see how to edit the header and footer in Master Slide. I hope this can help you. 


Hi there


I read your scenario as you have copied a slide from the Source slideshow and have pasted it into the Destination slideshow with Use Destination Theme. You are looking to have everything go across (the content has done so correctly) but the footer has not.


The part I am confused on is, are you looking to have the exact footer from the Source slideshow and have that come across to the Destination slide show exactly as it is? I also note that your footer sits in the Slide Master of your original source file and not in the slide/s itself thus why it hasn't copied over.


If yes, I am not sure of a way you can do this (of the top of my head) short of a workaround where you can:


  1. Copy the slide from your Source slideshow and paste into your Destination slideshow Using Destination Theme as you have previously done.
  2. Then do another paste again but this time using Keep Source Formatting

    Now you have two slides, the one using desination theme (content is formatted to destination) and your original slide as it originally was. You'll also see that the slide master in the Destination slideshow file now has the Source theme as well.
  3. Go to the slide that you kept the source formatting (the one with your desired footer), click into it and select all (ctrl-A). Delete the content and repeat this step again to delete the blank boxes. You will still have the footer as per the original slide show.
  4. With the slide empty of any objects, go to your destination themed slide, select all, copy and paste objects as Use Source Formatting into your blank source slide. It will put the content per the destination format but retain the source file footer.

So it will look something like this:




Not the most ideal way to do it, but unless I'm not understanding right, this would be how I'd do it?


Good luck!



Hi Sandro,
thank you for the response. yes, the footer is on the Master Slide. I've tried modifying etc but it still doesn't pick them up correctly.


Hi Damien


thank you very much for the time and effort you've put into this. I've tried doing what you sai and the result is in the attached PP file.


You'll see Slide 1 (the original, existing slide in Destination file) has a footer on it.

Slide 2 (the one copied from Source, "Using Destination Theme" has most of the destination's characteristics except the footer)
*** this means I can't really do your Step 3, as the footer, as the footer is empty ***

Slide 3 (the one copied from Source "Using Source Theme) shows the slide as per the source, including the Source files footer. Interestingly it has the bulleted list spaced correctly, which is another issue with this copying.


I'll try a few ideas around your ideas, as I think we're close to getting this solved.


Thanks again!


Hi Steve


Thanks for showing the file. I initially thought you wanted to retain the original orange footer but have the objects formatted to destination. If I understand the requirements, you want to see the RED footer activated when you copy the source slide using destination format. I may have a solution.


Using your attached file New Destination Document.pptx I have done the following steps:

  1. Delete the orange slide (which will also delete the orange slide master). This will clear the deck for us.
  2. Go into your Slide Master and scroll all the way down to the last slide, you'll see that it doesn't have any footer boxes set up. The slide you have been copying across using this slide template but you didn't have the footer placeholders for it to activate.
  3. Pick the slide above it, using Shift, Click onto the three footer boxes (date (left), website (middle), page number (right), copy and paste into the last slide in the slide master. The boxes will be placed in the same position exactly like the other slides.
  4. Scroll up to the Master Slide above and click onto it.
  5. In the ribbon menu, go to the Insert tab and click onto Header & Footer. You should see that the Date and time and Footer options are ticked.
  6. Click onto the Apply to All button.
  7. Go back to the Slide Master tab in the ribbon menu and Close Master View.
  8. You should now see the footer appear in the RED slides.
  9. When you paste more slides in (or multiple slides all at once using destination theme). You will simply need to go to the top slide (any slide works), open the Insert menu tab and click onto Header & Footer.
  10. Perform the Apply to All button again to get the footers to appear on all newly added slides.
  11. If you add any new slides from the New Slide drop down menu, they should all have the footer by default.

I've attached the file (New Destination Document_DR_modified.pptx) with the outcome from above.


I suspect the issue also has to do with your source slide show not having the footer boxes in its template so there was really nothing to port across.


Anyway see if this is your solution?


Best of luck