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Hello !

I have a power point presentation with few graphics linked to several Exel files (they are copy-pasted).

All files are saved in a sharepoint online.

I would like to update all my data without having to click on each graphic to do so. PP doesn't even ask me to update them when I open the file.

The other challenge is that one of the graph is a timeline per week and every week I add a new week (obviously) but even when I update my data on PP he doesn't take in consideration this new week (while the graph on excel does).

Any tips ?

Thanks !!!!!

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Hi @Deleted ,

1. Linked pictures: no, not that I'm aware of, at least not unless the picture is data-based.

But there seems to be a way with picture frames


2. Update graphs/tables automatically: have a look at


Kind regards


Thanks for the link update it was helpful !

I didn't understand the picture comment however... Is it link to my question on the timeline graphs ?


@Hans Le Roy