Power BI and Azure Data Catalog

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Your Organization already has a data catalog for use in Power BI,
By Proceeding you will associate this Catalog with your Azure subscription,
Your catalog will be named 'catalog' and will be located in the northeurope Azure region

I keep getting this message however when i try to search for the catalog being used with Power BI i am not able to

I have tried using Power-BI admin portal it created a new login and free trial for me

Still i am not able to see it anywhere neither in Azure nor in office 365

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@Himanshu Singhfrom https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/data-catalog/data-catalog-frequently-asked-questions#why-do-i...


When you purchase Office 365 E5 with Power BI Pro License, Microsoft creates a default catalog in the subscription's region automatically. This catalog uses the free SKU. The Office 365 / Power BI user license is managed in the administration page.

However, this type of data catalog does not have an Administrator Option and is not visible in the Azure portal. You cannot delete this type of data catalog. Similarly, you are not allowed to rename the data catalog, and you cannot move it to another region.

Users accounts that are assigned a Power BI Pro license automatic have access to the data catalog due to License Agreement when they signed up for Office 365 E5 with the Power BI Pro License. This type of user has full access to data catalog assets without administrative privileges. That kind of user is not part of Catalog User role in Azure Data Catalog.