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Hi all, 

I created a Form so other engineers could submit a request to schedule a testing time in my lab. In the form they are asked to insert the date, test start time and test end time.

I created a flow so that every time a form is submitted it creates an event in the calendar.

the problem is that it creates an event with the date that the form was submitted and not the date that was inserted by the user. 

I've tried to look at the code but couldn't find anything.

can you please help?






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@ShaniFIn your Microsoft Form you have 3 Fields. Date, Test Start Time and Test End Time...


The Date Fields Take a Valid date.

The Start Time Should be Like 12:30

The End Time Should be Like 13:30


In the Power Automate Outlook Event action you are only passing the Start Time  and the End Time.  You are not giving a Date. 


The Date Should be in the format  2020-04-23T05:00:00


In Your Start Date you could use  DateTStartDate


make sure your users enter Time in 24 hour Format  and ensure you have a validation in the powerautomate… 

@Maruthi Gadde 

Thanks! this was helpful. I was able to add the date to the event. thanks! 

@ShaniF Please share a screenshot of how you were able to resolve this