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Hi, Developers,

Few days ago; An add-in  in Word stopped working (the error in 2nd photo ).

this add-in named "ARABIC AUTHORING SERVICES" (as it is in the 1st photo)

and I like get a solution. Please.

منذ مدة توقفت إضافة تصلح لتشكيل النصوص في برنامج الأوفيس عن العمل

وأريد معرفة إن كان هناك أي حل.


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fifty two views without any solution.

Sorry to hear! Maybe if you translate the error from French to English, more people way have input?

Also, what happened prior to it stop working? Updates?
Did it stop working for everyone or just you? Removed/ reinstalled?


thanks Adam,

I have just uninstall and install the Office.


Ok! I’ll guess you have reinstalled the plug in first to try?
Let me know how it goes


Translation of the message

we can not load the complement. check that you have network and / or internet connectivity. once you are online click on << try again >>


No, the plug is related to my account from the office store.

it isn't installable


Ok thanks! If reinstalling office don’t make any difference, please answer the other questions I had!


It stopped working several times before but once I modified the settings of Internet Explorer(I discovered that this add-in use the IE as platform)
The add-in is back to work in Word.

but after changing my systeme from win 7 to win 10 and the Edge browser enters the service it no longer works and I have not solutions and I dislike downgrading to win7.

A lot friends have the same problem.

Try setting IE as default browser:

To change the default application for your browser, open Settings > System > Default apps > click on the Web browser > select Internet Explorer.

Nothing happened

Did it open with IE?
If not, Just try reinstall after doing this just in case!

without hope

I can’t seem to find this plugin and see what kind of support there is! All I found out is that is a free plugin! There may be no support for the version of office or brower version etc.., I don’t know...
I’ll try investigate more tomorrow, and someone else who see this may have input hopefully!!


I am very grateful for your help.

I hate; if this add-in has been stopped by Developer


They apply to the popular Yemeni proverb
The older the donkey the lower its price
Instead of developing after they have grown up, they are falling behind
Why why "arabic authoring" was deleted

منذ مدة توقفت إضافة تصلح لتشكيل النصوص في برنامج الأوفيس عن العمل

وأريد معرفة إن كان هناك أي حل