Please help - Cant get Office 365 to work

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Office 365 - Product Version - 16.0.12527.20278 Windows 7

I tried to open a word doc and excel and it didnt work and tried to update - which an error occurred. So i read online to go into control panel and go to change and online repair which i keep getting the same error: 30015-4 (1006) - when i google this it indicates a firewall is blocking this. I removed malware and took off the firewall for windows and i still get the same error. I really need to utilise my word docs but cannot access.

I have already tried a system restore but this did not work - does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this as it is very frustrating? I also tried to uninstall but it comes up with an errorcode - 30015-25 (1006)

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@Warren Bartram 


here are few recommendations first and foremost you might consider changing your OS to Windows 10 as it is the latest and greatest besides the support for Windows 7 is already over.


about removing the Office 365 or Microsoft Applications try to use Microsoft removal tooL below is the link which shows how to download and use it. 


let us know if that works!!!

thanks will try soon - my speed is cutting off and will also consider windows 10 as well when i wake up (internet is slow currently to download).

it didnt work when i tried to uninstall so just trying to install again and see if it works or if i can get an error. If i upgrade to windows 10 will i still have all my bookmarks/programs etc on this laptop? I really need word to work asap for work so struggling to find a solution. Thank you again for your help