Please can you assist me

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Please can you assist me - its very very urgent at this point. 
My mother just died and I urgently need to be able to get old messages my mother sent me and all the messages I was sent from relatives and friends since she passed. Its been an awful month so I really need your assistance!  I just travelled to the USA where my mother lived with my laptop and my phone. My laptop hard drive failed when I tried to back up my phone before travelling. So I took my laptop and phone to the Apple Store near where my mom had lived. Apple said i needed to get a new computer or new hard drive abd a new battery or phone. Consequently I have a new computer and a new phone. I cant remember my Outlook and Skype and Messenger and Facebook passwords as they were always automatically there on my laptop and phone. Ive tried to use the verification forns and althoygh i know my contacts and email subjects etc I get autonatic messages that I still was not able to be verified. Ive soent 30 hrs on the phine trying to sort this out too for the last 7 days. Please please help me. Its urgent.
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Sorry for your loss.

I've seen your post in the Answers forums as well and basically we in these forums can't really help you either.

What I would suggest is to wait to try to access your accounts until you get back home. Likely, when you aren't as stressed as you are now you just might remember those passwords.


Thanks - true but sadly I really need to access accounts now and cannot wait until I travel 9000 mikes back as I’ve got to deal with relatives and friends while I’m still in the USA


As you've said you've tried everything so there's nothing more that can be done as no Microsoft Tech Support person is going to give you access to your email account unless you can prove ownership, which you haven't been able to.

I can't speak to Facebook as I'm not a user of their service so I don't know what policies they have in regards to someone forgetting their passwords.