Planner, its Schedule and Outlook for Mac.

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I was really hoping I could have my Planner Schedule appear in Outlook. I took it upon myself to click 'Open Shared Calendar' in Outlook (for Mac), search for my Plan (which I found), and selected it. I now have, what appears to be a calendar from this plan. However, I don't see items added to one appear in the other. Upon further research, I see the option to select 'Add Plan to Outlook Calendar' in Planner, however, that just provides a subscription feed to Outlook that's very clunky (can't add things in specific times, etc.). So, that option doesn't allow me to add things directly into Outlook to appear in the Planner (since it is just a feed). So;

1. What calendar am I actually viewing in Outlook that shares the exact name as my Plans?

2. How can I do this?


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There’s no “planner calendar” in outlook, only the iCal feed! It seems you are talking about the Office 365 group calendar!
When you create a plan in planner , a group will be created as well and with that a group in outlook with a calendar! It is by no means connected to the plan Syncing wise

@adam deltinger  Interesting.....confusing, especially when I attempt to explain to my co-workers, however, this could work. Thanks!