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Dear all,


In the Microsoft Teams app, in Teams, i can only add the same existing plan up to 9 channels.
At the 10th channel i can not add the existing plan.
This is not a settings issue since I have reproduce the scenario in other tenants and the exact problem occurred.

Is this a bug? Is this a feature? Is there something a global administrator can do?


Thank you in advance.Planner Issue-microsoft teams-for fournaraki.png

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AFAIK, there is not a limit in the number of channels a Planner Plan can be linked

@Juan Carlos González Martín 

Can you try recreate the scenario and share your results with me?
Inside a team create 10 channels and try adding the same existing plan to all the channels.
See if at same point the error in my screenshot pops up.

NOTE: I have tried to add different existing(or new plan) and it works.

Thank you