Password reset for work and school account

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Hi All,
Apologies in advance for the long post, but I know if I can find an answer I can find it here.
I had bought an Office 365 work/school account in feb2020. The account came with a lifetime licence and can work on 5 devices and 5TB of one drive data.
The account is working perfectly fine and is configured on my laptop and my phone.
I have started using the account as my primary account and uploaded my lifetime of memory on this one drive. Last month I reset the password and now I have forgotten it. I have tried all possible way to recent it but it seems that it's not a personal account its an Enterprise account (School/work) so reset option is not correctly set-up by the admin.
I tried contacting the seller but no luck.
The account is working perfectly on my phone and laptop but I can't configure it on any other device and I am worried when the password expires I would not be able to reset it too.
is there a way I can retrieve the password from somewhere on my laptop or phone?
I am happy to pay a couple of dollars if anyone of you has a solution and can help.
Thanks in advance
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Hello @taruntuli 


If you are logged in using 'Chrome' browser you can easily retrieve the password using below :-


To check your saved passwords:

On your computer, open Chrome.
At the top, click More and then Settings.
Select Passwords and then Check passwords.


If you are using another browser from which passwords can not be retrieved, try logging in to '' and if you are able to login then go to '' and find your user and reset the password.

If all else fails you can reach MS support and ask them the info about your admin and reach your admin.




Hi@SouravChoudhary ,

Thanks for your help and recommendation.


The password saved on Chrome is not working, I don't know why coz I remember I changed it and I only use Chrome as my default explore.


The password saved on the onedrive local drive on my laptop is working fine and is sync properly.


I am not able to contact the Microsoft team, do you know what the best way to contact them.




@taruntuli I'm having the same problem


I was facing the same problem until I thought about an idea if you are using a school account and want to reset it then you must need to download Microsoft authenticator add your account as school account enter email then enter your school account password once you logged in you have to click your profile then change password sign in enter your current password then new password and now you can change it easily but if you forgot your password it's impossible to change password you need to contact your admin