PARTNERS WANTED! Working with US Public Sector, Defense Industry, and Federal Contractors

Brian Levenson

I am compiling a list of partners, consulting firms, and thought leaders working with the US Public Sector. This includes the DIB, SIs, and contractors who are sponsored to hold controlled information on behalf of the government. Let's work together to secure ITAR and export controlled data, and let's assist organizations trying to meet the requirements of DFARS. Mishandling CUI is all over the news, and we can help!


If there's interest, I'll consolidate information and publish a list to be updated frequently. Please feel free to reply in the comments or send an email to brian.levenson@microsoft.com. And while I'm at it, connect with me on LinkedIn or follow me on Twitter (@brian_levenson) as I seek to build a community of interest.


Thank you!

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I see almost 100 candidates searching for government, listed as an expertise, at https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/solution-providers/search

Almost any partner with an office in the DC area, including Northern Virginia and Maryland suburbs has a federal practice.


I'm looking forwards to seeing what new features can be brought to market for GCC high tenants in the upcoming months.  My customers are already asking for these features so you know for sure I'll be shadowing your every step thru this process.  Keep up the good work!

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