Partially upgrading Email Accounts to Office 365 Business

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My husband runs his business emails on Outlook 2007. It crashes when he tries to search his emails, along with other obvious limitations. He uses 5 email addresses connected to 5 website domains which all come into his iPhone, Levano laptop and PC. The other 6 business email accounts don't need changing. They're for employees and my inlaws (who won't just use a hotmail account for personal emails like the rest of the world...grr!). What is the cheapest way to upgrade his email software to the latest Outlook (or similar) whilst leaving the rest of the emails alone?


Options I've found:

1. Upgrade to Office 365 Business Premium for all email accounts: costs over £1,200 per year

2. Get him a Mac and use iMail for free: costs £1,000 one off payment

3. Upgrade just one account and domain to Office 365 Premium Business (Go Daddy are making this enormously difficult without migrating them all): £112 per year

4. Use a different desktop email system for him - suggestions please..?

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If all the mails are hosted elsewhere., just buy a office 365 home subscription and add all the mail accounts to it!