Owner of distribution group receive emails

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How can a group owner access the emails sent to the distribution group if they are not a member?

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@shannongreenWeird question. It's like asking how to get a soda can out of the machine, without dropping a penny in. He becomes a member and then he can access the mails.



Hi Shannon, if you did mean distribution group then it’s not an inbox so you can’t look or assign anyone to it to see the history since the messages go to individual. Mailboxes in the group. You can only use trace logs for past 90 odd days to see messages if you aren’t in the dist group.

If you meant an office .365 group that changed things up quiet a bit and can explain further if that’s the case.

Thanks @Chris Webb 

So, not realizing I would NOT get the emails as an OWNER of the Distro list, I took myself off as a MEMBER and missed several emails.  I would like to get those that I did miss so I don't have to ask everyone to resend.

This is why I actually liked O365 Groups better, but I haven't gotten my new company convinced of the advantages just yet!  

I should have specified...PAST emails. I've changed it so I now receive them as a member going forward.
You can’t essentially. You would have to dig through a bunch of mailboxes using content searches etc. it’s not going to be worth the headache.