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I've had the same personal e-mail address for ever, that isn't any of the MS ones. I've joined Office 365 with this email address, creating a Microsoft account using it and I can sign-in to Office 365, Outlook.com etc. using this email address. I've configured Sync e-mail in outlook.com to collect email from the providers server, and have sent emails go though the providers server so everything is presented from the custom email address. I don't want the emails on the providers server so used POP with the 'Leave emails on the server' option turned off.


How do I configure Outlook desktop and Outlook Android app with my custom email address Microsoft account? When I add the account on my Android it picks it up as the providers service (Yahoo) so I choose another provider, select Office 365 but it says my email address wasn't recognised as an Office 365 account.


What do I need to do? If I set it to send through Microsoft's server and send a test email, it comes from some random address @microsoft.com.


I want my custom email address to be my Microsoft account to consume all of their services. I don't want to have a separate Microsoft account because I cannot have firstname.lastname@ as its already taken and I am not appending lots of random numbers.



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Try setting it with IMAP or POP and manually add the servers:

Let me know how that goes.

Thanks, tried that but just get login failed, please check e-mail or password.


What free account is it? Why dont you have your own domain and you never would have to change ever. Why do you want to advertise for someone else.


Spend the $20 a year (or whatever low price you can find) and purchase your own domain.


In any case, I would say the best thing to do is use the Connected Accounts feature,



But it looks like this feature might be going away.


If you are getting "bad User/pass", then here is what I would do in that situation.


First, open browser and login to OWA for that account. This will make sure you are using the correct user/pass.

Then go to the emails service website and fine the instruction on how to add it as POP/IMAP to outlook. It could  be some extra SMTP Authentication  that you need to setup with user/pass and might have to change a port number....


Connected accounts is the best way right now


And P.S. , If its a Yaboo address like you said in your first email, you would never choose "office 365" , becuase its not an Office 365 email address.

Office 365 gives you a default address at the @onmicrosoft.com. This is just to get you in and get you ready to setup your stuff. Office 365 was really meant for people to add there own domain, that they own, and then you add your own domain to your 365 portal, and that domain gets added to your account, and to all your users.

so you would have username @(at) domainname,

so when anyone emails you at lanky@doodle.com or Lanky@whatever.onmicrosoft.com, it all goes to the same plan. The user Lanky's account

you manage your own DNS for @doodle.com (or whatever domain you purchase), so if you have any DNS issues, you manage that, but if your DNS ever goes down or whatever, you can sign into the office365 portal with the Onmicrsoft.com domain to get to all the Admin features and functions for your Office365 portal

That is what the @onmicrosoft.com domain is there for. Its not really meant to be used as your everyday email You use your own domain for that (not a free account either, like yaboo, hotmail, gmaill or whatever)

I'm thinking of getting my own domain. The reason for trying to use my own e-mail (@sky.com in the UK, which is back-ended by Yahoo!) was so I don't have to use another e-mail address.


If I get my own domain, can I still use Connected Accounts to present my @sky.com e-mail address, both send and receive?


Yea ,you you can, but the best thing to do would be


Purchase your own domain, either that represents your business you own (Not sure if you are a business owner), or purchase a domain that represents you and your family. For Example, my name is David Petree, i might try to see if i can get "Petree.com" or "Petreefamily.com" and then i can give my family  members their own email, at the family domain. You will NEVER have to change it ever again, you will own the domain and you can take it with you anywhere you go. You never have to use @sky.com and advertise for a company that does not pay you to advertise for them.


You then add your account "Lanky" to the Office 365 portal. Then you add your domain you purchased, lets say "Doodlefamily.com", So, now you have an email address of "Lanky@doodlefamily.com" and its yours forever. Once the account is created and added to the Exchange server (Exchange is 1000000x better then POP or IMAP). You can then verify the domain so the system knows you own it., You add the Office 365 MX records to point to office 365, so the world knows where to reach anyone@doodlefamily.com. So, now you are sending and receiving at lanky@doodlefamily.com and you are up and running. Once you get up and running, you can add the connected account for sky.com. So, when when someone sends you an email at @sky.com , you can reply back using your @doodlefamily.com and maybe put something in your signature so its at the bottom of each email you send, automatically, that says something like "Please note my new email address. You can still send to sky.com, but please start using @ doodlefamily.com.


Then over time, you will see that users who use to send to you at sky.com are now sending to you at doodlefamily.com


Pretty easy and simple