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Hi experts

Few of my office 365 users are not able to open mails in OWA.
When they type they are getting error
site cannot be reached. & owa is enabled for this users. experts help me troubleshoot this issue. if i need to traceroute office365 site how do i need to trace route, how can i check if port is blocked.

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Why do you think this could be a network problem? From your message It seems other users in your company can access OWA with no problems...can you provide more details about your scenario:
- If you have a hybrid configuration for your corporate e-mail
- Differences between users that access OWA with no problems and users that cannot access it: OS version, browser used, etc
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Also, After you take care of what Juan said to do, try this


1. Try from multiple browser/machines/ on/off network

2. Have them login to and click the "outlook" app button. See if they get the same results


Try to narrow down the issue