OWA in Office 365

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I have a couple of users that are not seeing their mail in the preview pane when using the OWA in Office 365.

Doesn't matter which browser they use.

Double clicking on the message will open it

The mail will display in the preview pane just fine in Outlook 2016.


Anyone else seeing this or have a quick solution

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I am seeing the same issue currently with several users and test user accounts. Groups wont load in OWA either.
Having issues with specific users tonight in OWA fine in desktop client. Seems like a wider problem. I'm in the UK.
Working fine here

Same problem for most of our users. As usual Microsoft support is no help. I've been waiting for a call back for ~2 hours

Now reporting as a problem in the Admin Centre EX124540
Same here is Aussie. Thought it was due to the macOS update that I did this morning, but I think that was just a coincidence. I've tried using Outlook 2016 and can't log in but oddly I can log in via the outlook app on my iPhone, which appears to working perfectly??

I see Microsoft is reporting this issue as restored but I'm still seeing a few users with the problem.


Anyone else???

Appears to be back to normal for my tenant 
The test users I have have been resolved, but now my account in OWA is experiencing the problem.

Yeah support team :)