Outlook Web Autofilling Subject Line

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For the past month or so, when I compose a new message in Outlook Web using my work Office 365 account, it auto-fills by personal (gmail) address in the subject line.  Just to emphasize, I am not using this Outlook account (or any Outlook account) for this gmail address.  It does this sporadically but most of the time across multiple browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari) and multiple operating systems (Windows 10 and Mac Mojave) and multiple computers.  I think this started when I switched to the new Outlook for the Web but it persists even though I have turned that off.  Nobody seems to have heard of this problem.  Needless to say besides being annoying it means that occasionally I send emails with unintended subject lines.  It also occasionally happens in replies and forwards.  I would appreciate any help anyone can provide.  Thank you.

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Looks like the kind of issue that will have to be investigated by the engineering team, so have you opened a support case?