Outlook Web App - Move to no longer moves focus to the search box

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Hi, I'm requesting a change back to a previous behavior in Outlook Web App for the "Move to" button.


Previously, I could click this button and the small search box was selected as text focus. This means I could click once and then type the name of a folder to which I could move that email. 


Now, clicking the "Move to" button shows the list of recent folders, but does not move the cursor into the search box. Thus, it requires an additional click to search for a folder.


The previous workflow is more efficient and please consider reverting to that behavior!



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I've noticed this also, I use the Move To feature all the time and having to now click twice seems counter intuitive. Clicking on Move To, should focus on the search box.
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I was also missing this feature until I discovered that when using the hotkey (v) instead of clicking the 'Move to' button with your mouse, the search field does get focus. Now I can folder all my email with no mouse needed!