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I have to install Outlook Web Access S/MIME on couple computers. I know that person which will want to encrypt emial can install it directly in OWA. But my question is: Is there a chance to install that on all computers before first login to OWA. Are there any install files of Outlook Web Access S/MIME.  Maybe i can install some add-on in web browser or turn on in OS. Another important information, users will use only IE.

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The OWA Settings page links you to the .msi, which I guess you can just deploy centrally. The download link is something like: https://ow2.res.office365.com/owasmime/20.18.1203.2/owasmime.msi

With this link "Microsoft OWA S/MIME 1.0" is too old and will be in Firefox immediately deactivated.

No new version to be founded.