Outlook Tasks management with Microsoft To-Do

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An interesting perspective about Microsoft To-Do as an Outlook Tasks management tool:


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Happy to give it a try once it appears for regular O365 subscriptions, but I'm not gonna use yet another app for task management. Put it inside Outlook or make it Office add-in or whatever, we have the technology :)

@Vasil Michev

A couple of comments:

  • Microsoft To-Do is already working (well, more or less...) for O365 subscriptions. Only, you cannot login with an O365 account (i.e. not an MSA) to the To-Do website. But the Windows 10 app and the mobile apps have all the features of the website, so IMO the ability to login to the latter is not really necessary.
  • Given the launch of To-Do with a bidirectional real time sync (cloud-to-cloud) with Outlook Tasks, I am afraid that we will never have another tool. That is, Microsoft To-Do is the new (and, in perspective, the only) tool to manage Outlook Tasks in O365.
  • In any case, Microsoft To-Do at the moment has one zillion bugs and quirks. BTW, it badly screwed all my carefully crafted Outlook Tasks!) Let's hope it will improve...

Just my two cents...

Yes, but those are still different apps, and I really hate having to switch between apps to do basic tasks.  My point is that we have numerous options available now to deliver such tools as add-ins in Outlook/OWA and Office in general. Yet Planner never released such, now Todo seems to be following the same model with separate app... On the other hand MyAnalytics has a fab add-in, so obviously it can be done, if there's the desire to go down that road.


And to be honest, the few times I've given Wunderlist a try I wasnt really impressed. Anyway, as I said I havent tried Todo yet, so I cannot really comment on it :)

...and what I don't get: why is there no Outlook add-in for Microsoft To-Do? I mean, it would be nice to still have tasks and everything in Outlook, rather than having To-Do as a separate program.

Microsoft To-Do tasks are only a view of EOL tasks.

Hence you don't need a To-Do add-in for Outlook, because Outlook manages natively EOL tasks.

nope, the views are totally different (e.g. the "My Day" view), while the tasks are of course the same. Hence, a To-Do add-in for Outlook would totally make sense to me.

The My Day list (as you correctly say) is actually a view, which IMHO makes sense primarily on mobile devices. The other lists visible in To-Do correspond one-to-one to the Tasks folders in Outlook.

But yes, if you really need the My Day view on the desktop, then seeing it in Outlook could be useful...


Is there a property of a task in outlook that flags it as being in "my day"? You could then filter the tasks in Outlook to make the "my day" view.

@Philemon Burney wrote:
Is there a property of a task in outlook that flags it as being in "my day"? You could then filter the tasks in Outlook to make the "my day" view.

@Philemon Burney

Yes I just found it, it's called CommittedDay. To filter on it, see my answer on SuperUser.

@JoeTheOne Amazing, I love it. I'm considering trying viewing tasks marked as important also.

Therefore, my questions:

  • how do I have to change the filter to only show important tasks
  • is there a way to combine the filter in a way that shows only important tasks (all of them) and MyDay tasks (all of them)? The idea behind it is to have the important tasks showing in the list all the time, while the MyDay tasks reset daily (which is great from a Getting Things Done perspective, btw).