Outlook sync issues

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Hello all,


I have serious problems with my email after migration from Gmail.


My mailbox is totally messy. There are hundreds of emails in my inbox. Even from many months back.

The emails in the folders are not correct. There are unread emails even from a year ago(in Gmail everything is read). There are even draft emails....


If I import my email to Outlook application, is it possible to sync Microsoft server saying that my app is the correct sync point?


Do you have any other solution?


There are thousands of emails and it's not an option to go one by one and sort them.

Also using the rules doesn't help cause I categorize my emails by content and not by sender.


Please let me know.


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Hi try SaRA is a desktop client that enables Microsoft customers to troubleshoot and diagnose their issues (source: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/100607@Thanos_7 

Hello Anas, Thank you for your support. Unfortunately this doesn't fix my issue. The issue is not even in the list of the options but even if I click something similar, it finds nothing... @Anas