Outlook signature on android mobile web browser

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I am trying to insert a signature in the mobile web browser version of Outlook 365 at following link:

The "Use my signature from Outlook on the web" option is greyed out and not inserting my signature.

Any advice? Thx
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But you can use the "Use a different signature" option? I think you have to configure a signature in the web browser (desktop) version of Outlook web and you will see it in the mobile version?

@Harm_Veenstra Thanks for reply.

Used the only other option but that was text only.

Configured the outlook web app signature but still does not appear on mobile.

Contacted support that said image signature unsupported :facepalm:

Ok, didn't know that.. Perhaps a third party tool like codetwo for signatures is an option? (If it's for your company)
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Thanks for the mention. That's right, our third-party tool can be used to automatically convert all emails to HTML and apply email signatures with images, styling and so on. Neither Outlook for Android nor the default Android's Mail App supports HTML email signatures natively at the moment, you can only set a plain-text signature in those email clients (