Outlook Search [application - local] wont work properly with attached shared mailbox

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Hello dear people 
I wish y'all a great day in these times, may the work ethic be with you.


I've got a problem, which includes the outlook search. 

So on more then 20 Clients, people can't find anything in their Outlook applications. 
No mather how they use their search options, the e-mails just won't show up. 
They'll use Office365 Outlook, Outlook 19 or 16 - maybe this is Version related? 

Often they find the e-mails from the account which is attached to the Outlook App, but if they tend to search for a mail, in a shared mailbox or another account which they got granted full access to, they won't find it. 

They need to open the Browser GUI, open another mailbox and search for it their. 

Does somebody else have those problems, or even better, does know the answer to this ? 

greetings dear people 

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