Outlook - Restrict installtion of add-in's


I'm having issues in trying to restrict installation of Outlook add-in's to admin approved / deployed only. I do not want end users installing their own from the store.


I have used EAC and removed all three permissions from the default role assignment policy, but they can still install their own ads-in's via OWA.



Outlook desktop and Outlook mobile seems to block the use of add-in's when this policy is changed, but OWA ignores it.






Any idea?

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Did you try both the old and new OWA experience?

@Anthony Russell 


Did you try the steps given in the below article under - Prevent add-in downloads by turning off the Office Store across all clients (Except Outlook)






Robin Nishad

@Vasil MichevYes. We are still able to add them on both. On the old OWA experience, the option to add them is missing in Options/General/Manage add ins, but when you click the settings cog on top right, you get an option there that shows 'Manage add-ins'. This brings up the new experience.



@Robin NishadYes, but as it states, it turns them off for across all clients except Outlook. And we want to turn it off in Outlook. So I followed the other process for Outlook and it still doesn't work.




I've been playing with this and so far I'm having no luck either. I'll give it some more time to make sure the role changes have propagated and will probe the Exchange folks if it's still not working.

@Vasil Michev 


Thank you Vasil. We left it for over five days and it's still the same.


I also now need to figure out how to remove the add-in's that have been added by the users since it stopped working.

No luck, so I'd agree that it's broken. Open a support ticket and report it.


As for managing already installed apps, Get-App/Remove-App should do the trick.

@Vasil Michev 


This is why I don't bother raising support tickets. This is the reply we got:


"So after further research, there is no way to restrict a user from downloading Outlook add in's from OWA.  This is an ongoing issue, but I cannot find any answer online as to when this feature will be worked on.  you can create a user voice on the subject and vote on it.  Right now this is all that I have been able to find. "


They seem to think this is a requested feature and not actually a broken one!!

Well I haven't gotten any reply yet, but sent a reminder...

Hello @Vasil Michev 

Did you get a reply please? 

I wanna apply the same thing and we still have the problem in OWA.