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A continuing issue with Outlook 365, email. I have had several sessions with Microsoft technical advisers both online and by phone. After opening Outlook, it continuously has popup prompts for my password. Also, searching for solutions from Google, there are scores of posts concerning this, but trying some remedies, none have worked. So it seems to be a widespread issue for users. I have also had my password changed 3 times, and set up new accounts. 

Is Microsoft aware of this problem, and hopefully has a permanent cure?

Paul Jacobson


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Have you removed the Outlook/365 account from the credential manager or tried a new Outlook profile?

@PaulaSillars  reply to response question: yes to both items.

I'm having the same irritating issue. Any Office app will ask me to sign in to Outlook.... I used to do it every time, but now just dismiss it. This is really irritating, however.

Sorry if this is not a new message.... I can't see dates on these messages!

@pjacobson1210  I’ve had this issue a couple of times in the past.  What I did was creating a move request for the affected mailbox.  There’s also an article about this issue on Microsoft Docs.

The article is for users of Microsoft Exchange..... I don't have that.

@JaneH33 same here, I don't have Microsoft Exchange

@Microsoft User the first link is extremely lengthy and beyond the scope of an average user

@pjacobson1210 @JaneH33  If you’re using email provided by Office 365, you are using Exchange Online.  If not, I doubt you’re going to get any useful answer here.