Outlook OWA search doesn't display message content

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I have strange situation with searching in OWA - user can search the message, but when he open e-mail get an information "Message can't be displayed right now, check internet connection and try later".

Problem only happens when user searches emails on shared mailboxes (on his own mailbox everything is fine). Already checked different web browsers and even computers. Removed and re-assign user right to shared mailbox too.

  When I turned Conversation display mode off on shared mailbox user can search and open e-mail, but this is not a solution in this case.

As far as I know this is unique user with this kind of issue with OWA o365 in my organization.

Had anyone similar issue and know solution ?

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Organization I work for started seeing this issue about 2-3 weeks ago. Affecting multiple users. No known solution yet. I suspect it's some kind of security setting, but have not been able to confirm yet.
Same issue here. It's happing on both computers that I have access to.
I am having the exact same issue, although the email does open in a new window - it is just not displayed to start with

@Lukas260 , in my case we experiments the same issue. Any update?