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I'd like to put in for a feature request for Outlook Online, which I'm sure has come up before but I cant seem to find a similar request anywhere. 


Some of my team members use the premium desktop version of Outlook. They work mainly from a shared email account and arrange their emails by category.


I've been trying to get team members to use the online version, but many outright refuse to use it because there is no sort by categories filter. When can we expect to see this filter implemented in the online version of outlook, considering categories is implemented in the online version already. 

Desktop App:

Outlook desktop.jpg


Online equivalent: 

Outlook online.jpg



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The best place for such feature request is the Feedback portal:


I have to agree with you. Ridiculous why MS does not provide this feature online - the request for this was placed by me several years ago. I myself refuse to use Outlook online ( both personal and corporate options ) simply because this particular option is not available on their online portal.


I see someone has recommended a feature wishlist site - but no matter where you post such info, Microsoft appears to be just sitting around binning these requests without any response and no development in sight.


Another problem is with their UI for rules management.. but that is yet another topic..